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Learn Spanish in Madrid for a week


Learn Spanish in Madrid for a week!


Learning Spanish requires perseverance to know Spanish grammar and to memorize vocabulary, as well as being interested in understanding and putting into practice what you’ve learned in class.

On the other hand, speaking fluently in a conversation in Spanish involves practicing Spanish extensively, in order to improve in your communicative skills.

Furthermore, if you live in a place where there aren’t natives with whom to practice Spanish, it is difficult to maintain your level.

For all these reasons, at Habla y Olé we help you to achieve these language skills as easily as possible. We would like to propose you an effective way to assimilate everything faster…


The Spanish learning holidays you were waiting for!

Contact us and Book an intensive Spanish course in Madrid now!

We offer you a 50€ discount.


Looking for a way to learn Spanish quickly, easily and efficiently?

  • It is not magic! It’s thanks to our Spanish Intensive Course in Madrid!

First of all… What is a Spanish Intensive Course at Habla y Olé?

  • It is a Spanish course that lasts one week, where you will learn a lot of grammar and vocabulary, but, above all, you will improve your conversation skills in an easy way… talking non-stop!
  • You are the main character in our courses! In order to get an effective learning process, we adapt the courses to different groups or levels.


How do we achieve this?

It’s as simple as ABC… With our ingredients of learning… Spanish & Fun!:

  • Four hours of Spanish lessons a day in the classroom, dynamic sessions where you learn the language by talking, communicating in each activity with other students, sharing laughs and having great time.
  • Everyday lunch with your teacher, language assistants and other students, where you will keep practicing the language and discovering Spanish culture.


Sounds great! Right? Well, that’s not all!

  • A different activity each afternoon, in order to be immersed in Spanish culture.
  • We will go out to discover Madrid together, its culture and its social life. We want you to feel like a native for a week!
  • After everyday’s activity you will have spare time to rest or to keep visiting the city by your own.


Let’s keep talking Spanish… we have more surprises for you!

  • We ensure more than 50 hours contact with Spanish language.
  • Full day trip to visit the surroundings of Madrid, so you can have a chance to discover other places nearby. You will be amazed!


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More information about courses? Click here

Would you like to have an agenda with all the details?

  • Contact us and we’ll send it to you by e-mail.
  • You can also phone us: 0034 678 87 92 16

Looking for somewhere to stay? Ask us. We can also organize your stay with our accommodation partners.

We adapt the course to different ages. If you are 50 years old or over and want to live the experience with Habla y Olé, we also have courses for you. Click here for further information.


The best gift for language learners!

Improve your level in this entertaining way!

The best travel to combine holidays, language learning and fun!

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