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Learning the cinema!

Learning the cinema!

Learning Spanish…at the cinema!

If you have time, during your stay in Madrid, we recommend that you visit the cinema and see films in order to learn Spanish. Throughout the centre of the city you will find places to watch original Spanish cinema. The areas of Callao and Gran Via are characterised by their multitude of places to see cinema as well as theatre.

Learning Spanish with films is an interesting way to test your ear and listen to the distinct accents of Spain and Latin America. In this manner, you gain confidence with the language and you can better understand native speakers.

If the film has subtitles in Spanish, all the better! This way you can read all the dialogue in Spanish while you listen to it.

Reading subtitles to learn Spanish has great benefits, because it helps you to quickly memorise all the vocabulary you do not know from the film and enrich your list of Spanish words considerably without realising it.


What Spanish vocabulary could we come across at a cinema?

  • “Las entradas”: The tickets
  • “Las butacas”: The seats
  • “La pantalla”: The screen
  • “Las filas”: The rows
  • “Las palomitas de maíz”: The popcorn
  • “Los efectos especiales”: The special effects
  • “El sonido”: The sound
  • “El imagen”: The image
  • “El estreno”: The premiere
  • “El proyector”: The projector
  • “La sala”: The auditorium
  • “La cartelera”: The movie listing
  • “La sesión”: The showing
  • “La taquilla”: The box office

Do you find these words difficult to memorise? Put yourself in the situation! The next conversation will be easier:


How do you book cinema tickets on the phone?

It’s Friday afternoon and you want to go to the cinema with your friend. You phone the cinema to book the tickets:

– “Buenas tardes, ¿qué películas destacadas hay hoy en cartelera?” / – Good afternoon, which films are there on the movie listing today?

– “Buenas tardes, hoy es el estreno de Star Wars, ¿quizá estaría usted interesado?” / – Good afternoon, today is the premiere of Star Wars, maybe you would be interested?

– “Claro que sí, me encanta Star Wars, sobre todo por los efectos especiales que tiene. Quiero dos entradas para ver el estreno de Star Wars esta noche, por favor.” / – Of course, I love Star Wars, particularly for the special effects they use. I would like two tickets to see the premiere of Star Wars tonight, please.

– “Claro señor, un momento por favor. Para esta noche hay dos sesiones, la de las 9 o la de las 11. ¿Cuál prefiere?”/ – Of course sir, one moment please. Tonight there are two showings, one at 9pm or one at 11pm. Which do you prefer?

– “Prefiero la sesión de las 9, porque la de las 11 es demasiado tarde. Me gustaría reservar butacas centradas si es posible.” / – I prefer the showing at 9pm, because the 11pm showing is too late. I would like to reserve seats in the middle if possible.

– “De acuerdo, sólo nos quedan asientos en la fila 3. Las butacas disponibles más centradas son las número 8 y 9, ¿qué le parecen?” / – Sure, we only have seats left in row.  The free seats most in the middle are numbers 8 and 9, what do you think?

– “Me parece que vamos a estar muy cerca de la pantalla. ¿No es así?” / – I think that we’re going to be very close to the screen, isn’t that the case?

– “Van a estar cerca de la pantalla, pero desde esa fila podrán ver la película perfectamente, pues la sala es pequeña pero tiene buen sonido y la imagen se ve muy bien”. / – You will be close to the screen, but from this row you will be able to see the film perfectly, the auditorium is small but has a good sound system and the image is very visible.

– “Pues reserve entonces esos asientos, por favor. Tengo muchas ganas de verla, espero que no se rompa el proyector como la última vez…” / -Well then, reserve those seats please. I’m looking forward to seeing it, I hope the projector doesn’t break like last time…

– “No se preocupe por eso, ya hemos cambiado el proyector y ahora funciona correctamente.” / – Don’t worry about that, we have changed the projector and now it works properly.

– “Eso espero…”  / – I hope so…

– “Muy bien, ya tiene reservadas sus entradas para ver Star Wars, la sesión de las 9, fila 3, butacas 8 y 9. Cuando vengan, pase por taquilla para recoger sus entradas. Con estas entradas tienen un descuento especial en refrescos y palomitas.” / – Very good, you now have your tickets reserved to see Star Wars, the showing at 9pm, row 3, seats 8 and 9. When you come, go to the box office to collect your tickets. With these tickets you have a special discount on refreshments and popcorn.

– “Muchas gracias.” /- Thank you very much.

– “¡A usted! ¡Que disfrute de la película!” / – To you too! Enjoy the film!


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